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Intersections, Reinforcements, Cascades: Proceedings of the 2023 Stanford Existential Risks Conference

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Section I: Epistemology, Psychology, and Aesthetics 
Section II: Crises in the Earth System     
Section III: Risk Intersections
Section IV: Governance, Policy Infrastructure, and Scenarios 


Expanding the Field of Existential Risk Studies     
Trond Undheim and Dan Zimmer

Section I: Epistemology, Psychology, and Aesthetics

Should Epistemic Security Be a Priority GCR Cause Area?     
Elizabeth Seger

Maniacs, Misanthropes, and Omnicidal Terrorists: Reassessing the Agential Risk Framework     
Émile Torres

Existential Risk: From Resilience to Antifragility     
Dana Klisanin

Psychological and Psychosocial Consequences of Super Disruptive A.I.: Public Health Implications and Recommendations     
David D. Luxton and Eleanor Watson

Science, Delusion, and Existential Risk     
Andrew Nepomuceno

An Axiology of Aesthetics for Existential Risk     
Ishan Raval

Section II: Crises in the Earth System

Navigating Cascading Planetary Boundaries: A Framework to Secure the Future     
Tom Cernev

Anthropocene Under Dark Skies: The Compounding Effects of Nuclear Winter and Overstepped Planetary Boundaries     
Florian Ulrich Jehn

Is Climate Change Ungovernable?     
Paul N. Edwards

Section III: Risk Intersectionsn

Investigating the Success Criteria for Dual-Use Biosecurity Education     
Sofya Lebedeva

Existential Risks Associated with Dual-Use Technologies     
Ashok Vaseashta

Fairness in AI and Its Long-Term Implications on Society     
Ondrej Bohdal, Timothy Hospedales, Philip H.S. Torr, and Fazl Barez

The Looming Nuclear War     
Jean-Pierre Dupuy

Section IV: Governance, Policy Infrastructure, and Scenarios

Collective Intelligence as Infrastructure for Reducing Broad Global Catastrophic Risks     
Vicky Chuqiao Yang and Anders Sandberg

Convergence on Existential Risk Policy     
Philip Arthur

Governing and Anticipating Anthropogenic Existential Risks: Envisioning Some New Approaches     
Mariana Todorova

The International Panel on Global Catastrophic Risks (IPGCR)     
R. Daniel Bressler and Jeff Alstott

Crisis Government’s Legitimacy Paradox: Foreseeability and Unobservable Success     
Daniel D. Slate

Scenarios 2075: The Cascading Risks Study     
Trond Arne Undheim


The Emergence of a Cascading X-Risks Paradigm Steeped in Transdisciplinarity     
Trond Arne Undheim